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Welcome to the 'Supernatural' Virtual Season!

Each week from our 'premiere' date, you'll find a new episode of 'Supernatural' just like the real show - only in fan fiction form. Each 'episode' comes complete with images and music! (If you'd like to know more, click 'About' on the menu) We'll release upcoming episode descriptions here, just like the CW do, so why not kick back and enjoy the fun as we take you on the ride of your life in the infamous jet-black Impala...

Virtual Season Four

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The Final two episodes of the Supernatural VS!!!!!

Between The Lines by JennyF

Dean always said books would be the death of him but he never realized how right he might be.

An innocent night out turns sinister when Sam disappears, leading the Winchesters into a world of delusion and obsession. Determined to get Sam back, Dean discovers there’s more to the power of the written word than he could have ever imagined and Sam seems to be at the center of it all.

But while Dean is fighting to get Sam back, Sam finds himself fighting someone he thought the brothers had seen the last of.

Sam’s head shoots up at the sound of Dean’s voice and he peers into the gloom. His heart skips a beat when he sees his older brother dangling like a side of beef in a butcher’s shop but it doesn’t overwhelm the sense of relief flooding through him.

“Great rescue plan, Dean,” he jokes, breaking away from the hands holding him and trying to get to Dean.

“Yeah,” Dean agrees, wryly. “Not quite what I had in mind. But, hey. I’m here. You’re here. What d’you say we kick some ass and get out of here?”

Sam smiles at the blind optimism in his brother’s statement and shakes his head. “How do you propose to that?” he asks and he can almost see Joshua bristling.

“Can’t let the enemy know all our plans, Sam,” Dean retorts. “Gotta keep the upper hand y’know.”

“And how do you come to the conclusion that’s what you have?” Joshua queries, stepping forward into Dean’s personal space. “You have no advantage here at all. You are nothing here.”

Dean tilts his head to one side. “Then you just let me down and I’ll walk away. No questions.” He bestows a Winchester smile on the old man. It doesn’t go down too well but he wasn’t really expecting it to.

Joshua leans forward until Dean can count the wrinkles round his eyes. “Do you really think I’m that stupid?” he hisses.

“No,” Dean hisses back, “but I’m hoping.”


The End of All Things by irismay42

Is this the end of the world as we know it?

Sam and Dean Winchester have fought side by side their entire lives. So when a different call to arms summons them in opposite directions, they find themselves miles apart at the very moment they most need to stand united.

As Lucifer's dire scheme to conquor the universe-every universe-is finally revealed, Sam and Dean must face their destines, their fate, and the possibility that they might lose everything:home, family, friends, their lives.

And each other.

When the final battle commences on Kansas' killing fields, Sam and Dean Winchester are all that stands between Heaven, Hell and The End of All Things.


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