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Dance With The Devil

by Kittsbud & Tree


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Raised as warriors, childhoods forsaken, Sam and Dean Winchester have never known anything but a life filled with fighting evil, fighting to survive. Despite the loss, despite the hardship, and strengthened by the bond of brotherhood, they’ve persevered.

Just when it seems that victory might be within their grasp, even though it comes with at a terrific sacrifice, has the enemy only been waiting in the shadows? Waiting for the exact moment to strike when the Winchester’s were most vulnerable?

Now, in a race against time, John must try to save one son from the demon that’s pursued him his entire life, while his other son slowly succumbs to the cruel twist that fate has dealt them.

As the final showdown assembles all the players, will the Winchesters manage to defeat their lifelong adversary or has a new evil surfaced? A force even more powerful than the nemesis that has harried them for the past two decades, this new enemy will stop at nothing to destroy not only a family of hunters but all of humanity.

You really shouldn’t worry about Dean…

The words popped into Sam’s head as if he’d thought them, and yet he knew the sentence’s origin was not his own mind. It was like he’d been privy to another’s thoughts – another that felt close.

Sam stopped dead, spinning so fast he had a brief loss of equilibrium as his senses caught up with his body’s rapid move.

Someone was watching him, following him so closely his intuitive gifts had picked up on them when common sense hade failed.

Sam peered around the empty sidewalk, eyes latching onto every detail around him that could give some clue to his invisible stalker. They were here somewhere, he just couldn’t see them.

The dreary, un-yielding street glowered back at him in all its stark morning glory. There was no one to confront. Was he just getting jittery because of Alyssa and her mystery phone call?

Sam moved on again, quickening his stride until he was stepping through the glass door of the café. A bell jingled somewhere above him as he pushed through the entrance, and he was momentarily distracted by its innocent chime.

When he looked back where he was going, he realized his mistake.

Someone was in front of him, and he’d almost walked headlong into them. Worse still, even without getting a look at them, Sam felt the same tingle he had on the sidewalk.

This was the person who had been watching, waiting – not outside, as he’d thought – but from within the very café he’d chosen to get food from.

Hello, Sam…

The voice stealing its way inside his brain wasn’t Haris, it wasn’t Alyssa, but as Sam was engulfed in a blinding mountain of pain, he realized that maybe the voice was something far worse…


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