'Supernatural' Virtual Season One Index


Episode One: Guardian by BurstynOut & Kittsbud (Airdate: 11th July 2006)

In the aftermath of the crash, Sam meets a stranger who may eventually become an ally, but can he really trust anyone or anything? With Dean lying critally ill from the injuries inflicted by the demon, Sam must rely on his own intuition to save the day from dark forces that wish to control what they cannot possess. Will John and Dean make it? Just who is the stranger and what cryptic message does he bring? Heck, and what about the Impala?


Episode Two: Overhaul by BurstynOut & Tracer (Airdate: 18th July 2006)

Free from the confines of the hospital and with the Impala in shambles, Dean and Sam travel to their old family friend Bobby's to regroup. With Dean still recovering from his injuries and Sam anxious to push ahead, the brothers have many obstacles to face and more than a minor overhaul of both emotional, physical, and Impala issues. Some wrecks need more than a coat of paint.


Episode Three: Stasis by Kittsbud (Airdate: 25th July 2006)

When three men are literally frozen to death in their own homes, it's up to Dean and Sam to find the culprit, but what can possibly solidify a human body at -196 Celcius? The hunt is on, but just what are the Winchesters stalking? Its like no demon or spirit they, or their father has ever encountered. Does this mean its invincible?



Episode Four: Swamped by Burstynout (Airdate: 1st August 2006)

A paying gig is a paying gig until Dean's prized possession ends up lost in the Louisiana swamp following a run-in with the infamous Hogzilla. The necklace is apparently not ready to be separated from its guardian, however, and the desperate mission to reunite the two leads the boys into a twisted web of conspiracy more ancient than they can imagine.

Episode Five: Numbers by Carocali (Airdate: 8st August 2006)

A string of brutal murders in which the victims are linked only by a shared birthday sends Sam and Dean from New Orleans to Southern Georgia. While the creature's gruesome habit of completely removing its victim's skin creates a desperate urgency to prevent further deaths, the boys are hard-pressed to identify this savage killer. . .until one of them becomes its target.


Episode Six: Company Policy by BurstynOut & Tracer (Airdate: 15th August 2006)

When the head of a multi-million dollar company elicts the help of Sam and Dean, both brothers are thrust into the thriving corporate arena. In a world where leather and torn jeans are completely non-existent, the brothers search for their place within the white-collar environment while struggling to find a solution to the eerie vanishings plagueing Taliean, Inc. The Winchesters soon find that behind the mask of wealth and commerce exists a web of deceit, greed, and darkest secrets, but most importantly, that every payday has its price.

Episode Seven: Golgotha by Kittsbud (Airdate: 22nd August 2006)

Sam and Dean inadvertantly become involved when they stumble across the story of a haunted hospital in Wisconsin. Things become more complicated, however, when Sam realizes this is no ordinary hospital, but the one their mystery priest friend named in his note. (See 'Guardian') Just who is the little boy that haunts the hospital, and why has he latched onto Sam, causing painful and possibly deadly visions of a mysterious motel?


Episode Eight: Deep Waters by Kittsbud (Airdate: 29nd August 2006)

Something is sinking ships off the tiny coastal town of St. Michael's Bay, and it's up to Sam and Dean to figure out what! With time running out, the Winchester boys find a new ally in their quest to discover answers, but can Tim Walker lead them to their ghostly killer, or will their final boat journey take them to a very watery grave deep beneath the oceans waves...


Episode Nine: Let Go by irismay42 (Airdate: 5th September 2006)

A rash of suicides lead Sam and Dean to a small Connecticut town and the vengeful spirit of a little girl taken before her time. With the body count rising, the Winchesters must put an end to the specter's machinations before one of them becomes her next victim...



Episode Ten: Writhe by Thru Terry's Eyes (Airdate: 12th September 2006)

When Dean suddenly becomes ill as he and Sam are passing through Athens, Georgia, the unplanned stop accidentally involves the brothers in a series of horrific deaths that follow a pattern of victims going back hundreds of years. Only the secrets of Sam’s desperate research can provide the key to tracking down and destroying the elusive killer before Dean becomes its latest victim.


Episode Eleven: End Game by Kittsbud & BurstynOut(Airdate: 19th September 2006)

The Winchesters have been hunting this Demon for twenty-three years. It's the thing that killed Mom, the thing that killed Jess. Their nemesis has never had a name, until now. The answers they find, with the help of an unfortunate friend, may prove more of a curse than a blessing, however.

Some evil things are far better at catching than being caught...


Episode Twelve: Cult by Kittsbud & BurstynOut(Airdate: 17th October 2006)

The terrifying conclusion to events set in motion in the mid-season episode 'End Game.'

Sam is missing and it's up to Dean and John to escape their foes clutches and find him before it's too late. Just what does the demon plan to do with the youngest Winchester, and who are its strangely tatooed allies?

The race is on, but with a fire demon, you should always expect to get burned...

Episode Thirteen: Hollow by Kittsbud (Airdate: 24th October 2006)

In the backwoods of Kentucky, something evil has stirred...

Sam and Dean meet a young girl whose father vanished during a hunting trip. The girl tells a strange and unbelievable tale about his attacker. Now, the two intrepid brothers must discover what is killing people from the local town of Jackson, before they too feel the wrath of the imperceptible, carniverous creature.


Episode Fourteen: Nocturne by Tracer (Airdate: 31st October 2006)

Drawn to Dale, Pennsylvania by reports of a mysterious illness that renders men paralyzed, Sam and Dean soon find themselves in the midst of a phenomenon unlike they've ever witnessed. With no journal entries to help and only a mound of research for aide, the boys can only hope a clever alias, and a charming demeanor can shelter them from a curse.


Episode Fifteen: Pyromania by Grkgrl88 (Airdate: 7th November 2006)

Dean and Sam travel to Odon, Indiana, to investigate the puzzling death of a young man. After talking to a few of the locals, the Winchesters learn that there may be another force at work in the town—one that wants revenge. The research doesn’t exactly fit but Sam’s visions provide a few clues. Someone else is going to die, and the brothers need to figure out the case before time slips—burns—away.


Episode Sixteen: Graven Images by irismay42 (Airdate: 14th November 2006)

A paying gig leads Sam and Dean to a Pennsylvania shopping mall where apparently random customers are collapsing into near-catatonia. When his brother disappears whilst investigating the mall's basement, Sam begins to suspect there may be a soul-stealer at work, just as Dean wakes to discover he's not who he thought he was...


Episode Seventeen: Judas by Tracer & Thru Terry's Eyes (Airdate: 21th November 2006)

A horrific discovery sends Sam and Dean on a terrifying race to get to the bottom of their new case. With each new clue, the brothers must face off against a town laced with secrets, sickening murders, and above all else, sibling rivalry. When brother is pitted against brother, can Sam and Dean overcome their own anger before time runs out and a Winchester falls victim to the town's haunting legend?


Episode Eighteen: Redemption by Kittsbud (Airdate: 28th November 2006)

The story of a mysterious ghostrider in Wisconsin leads Sam and Dean to Redemption, but this is no ordinary town, and no ordinary spirit. With locals dying, and no explanation, the brothers must come face to face with both part of their past and their future, but in this town, death is just the beginining.

The secret Redemption holds may well take a Winchester to the grave and beyond...


Episode Nineteen: Dead Man's Party by Thru Terry's Eyes (Airdate: 5th December 2006)

Sam and Dean take a job trying to discover the cause of a murder-suicide at a haunted mansion where wealthy clients live out fantasy weekends. As the weekend progresses it's a race to find the answer as the the guests turn on each other in a fenzy of history repeating itself.



Episode Twenty: Altered by BurstynOut (Airdate: 2nd January 2007)

Twenty-three years of demon hunting has built a bond between the Winchester brothers that seems unbreakable. But is there more to Dean than Sam knows? A strange visitation from the love of his life, forces Sam to decide what it is he believes in.



Episode Twenty-One: Sins of the Father by Tracer (Airdate: 9th January 2007)

When their father returns to give the boys a mysterious hunt, Dean and Sam begin to question his motives and timing as series of new revelations are discovered.



Episode Twenty-Two: When The War Comes by Tracer & BurstynOut (Airdate: 16th January 2007)

Trained as soldiers, raised as hunters, the Winchesters have been preparing for twenty-three years. When the war comes, though, it's one of their own who brings it.


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The Christmas Selection


'Twas The Night before Christmas: by Tree (aired 24th Dec 2006)

A story in poem form. 'Their life has never been normal - why start with Christmas!'

It's A Wonderful Afterlife: by irismay42

It's Christmas Eve and Sam and Dean stumble upon a man who surely has the most difficult job in the world. It's so difficult, in fact, he's decided to end it all by throwing himself off a bridge...

The Most Precious Gift: by kittsbud

Sam and Dean are stranded in a snow storm at Christmas that could cost them their lives, but salvation comes in a very strange form indeed...

It Came Upon A Midnight Clear: by BurstynOut

Sam ruins Dean's only pair of shoes, but is it an accident or just another Christmas miracle?

Santa's Little Helper: Thru Terry's Eyes

Drowning his sorrows on Christmas Eve Dean makes an interesting new friend.

Lost Christmas Eve: Tracer

Left behind with Pastor Jim for Christmas break, the young Winchester boys hold fast to the hope that their father will keep his promise and return in time for the holidays. But all hunts don't go as planned and some promises no matter how precious can't match the forces of this world, or can they? With a little help from friends and family, the Winchester sons find out what Christmas, love, and loss are all about.


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