'Supernatural' Virtual Season Two Index


Episode One: Call To Darkness by Kittsbud & Tree (Airdate: 3rd April 2007)

Sam and Dean Winchester have battled creatures, ghosts and demons side by side for years. ‘Saving people, hunting things!’

For over two decades, Sam Winchester has been the unwitting pawn in a demon’s master plan. For over two decades, Dean Winchester has stood by his brother’s side, protecting him at all costs. And for over two decades, John Winchester has tried to protect and prepare his sons for the battle he knew was inevitable.

Now, an act of betrayal by one of their own has pitted the guardian against his charge; brother against brother; father against son.

Episode Two: The Beast Within by Thru Terry's Eyes & Tree (Airdate: 10th April 2007)

ould things be any worse for the Winchester men? While Sam and John desperately search for Dean, their most hated enemy has other plans in mind for the hazel eyed hunter.

Dean continues to struggle against the demon inside him while Haris pulls out all the stops. Resorting to threats, taunts and even torture, the demon is determined to sway Dean over to his evil purpose. Convinced that he has lost his father and brother, Dean is close to giving in. Mired in guilt and hopelessness, he has nothing else to live for.

Meanwhile, Sam focuses on saving his brother, certain that some part of Dean was still in control despite the blackness that filled his brother’s eyes. Faced with the betrayal of a former friend, he’ll stop at nothing to get his brother back. But when the hint of a dark family secret surfaces, Sam is suspicious that there is more to the demon’s involvement than just Haris’ desire to control Sam’s powers.

John Winchester is living his worse nightmare, the loss of one of his sons. Worse than death, he knows that Dean may be gone to them forever. Never one to give up, he’s determined to find his eldest and bring him back; but what will he bringing home? The young hunter that he trained and raised or a demon’s pawn bent on destroying Sam?

Episode Three: Laura by Kittsbud(Airdate: 17th April 2007)

When Kyle Williams, their would-be priest friend mysteriously vanishes, the Winchesters soon find themselves on the case. The problem is, Kyle has taken it upon himself to try and work a gig - a gig that involves an old, and very dangerous adversary of the brothers.

To make matters worse, both Sam and Dean still have major issues after their experiences with Haris. Can Sam even trust Dean? Can Dean trust himself?

With bodies mounting, and Sam suddenly disappearing mid-hunt, can Dean solve the puzzle and catch the killer, or will he find Sammy all-too late in the local hospital's morgue?

Make a trip with the Winchesters back to California, and take a walk on the wild, gory and very chilly side of the street this April...

Episode Four: Measure of a Man by Thru Terry's Eyes & Tree (Airdate: 1st May 2007)

“Am I Evil?”

With Dean still housing one of Haris’ spawn and carrying the added burden of a brother that watches him suspiciously, the Winchesters head to New Jersey to search for one of the oldest urban legends in American History.

While Sam searches for information on the thing that has been terrorizing the locals in the Pine Barrens, Dean struggles to control the “thing” that is trapped deep within him.

As the brothers come face to face with the three hundred year old legend, will they realize that not everything supernatural is inherently evil? Maybe sometimes, evil is right in front of your face or sitting beside you in a 67 Impala!

Episode Five: Remote Control by irismay42(Airdate: 8th May 2007)

A series of seemingly random crimes lead Sam and Dean to a small Pennsylvania town where the locals don’t seem too thrilled to see them. With complete strangers trying to kill them and dogged by the unshakeable feeling that they are being watched, the boys must face an old enemy hell-bent on their destruction...



Episode Six: Devil Game by Gaelicspirit (Airdate: 15th May 2007)

When Sam is gripped by an exceptionally painful, vivid vision of a girl being murdered, the boys are compelled to travel to a Raleigh, NC, college campus, despite being bone-tired from the events that just occurred in Bethlehem, PA. Once there, they find that Sam's visions aren't giving them the whole story, and they struggle to determine just what sort of devil they are dealing with.

Sam develops an attraction to a criminal justice major named Grace, and his focus on keeping her from being the next victim puts his brother in danger. As the boys delve deeper into the methods of a killer, they are confronted by the knowledge that evil comes in many forms. And when the devil's hand is shown, both Dean and Sam realize that they may not be able to win this game.

Episode Seven: Shades of Gray by Thru Terry's Eyes (Airdate: 22nd May 2007)

Blinded in a bizarre explosion during a routine salt and burn, Sam awakens to a flat, colorless world full of dark, shifting shadows. Are they an after affect of his injury or a tangible evil that must be dealt with? If they aren't real, why do they seem to follow Dean everywhere he goes? And why is the once quiet town they're in being consumed by escalating acts of violence that seem tied to the writhing blackness only Sam knows is there.


Episode Eight: Scorn by Tree (Airdate: 12th June 2007)

Just when Dean thought that he could never feel guiltier than after he attacked Sam while under the control of the demon within him, he realizes just how wrong he was now that his brother’s secret is out.

After a life of sacrifice, of spending every waking hour and nearly every conscious thought trying to protect Sam from a destiny that Dean stubbornly refused to believe in, he’s now faced with the brutal insight that brotherly love is a two-way street.

When John sends the brothers to investigate several, seemingly unrelated, brutal deaths in the backwoods of Tennessee, Dean is less than thrilled to be off on another hunt. Mired in guilt and self-reproach, he can only focus on trying to get Sam out of his deal with Haris.

But as the body count climbs, Sam and Dean learn that if they don’t soon start working together, there’s something in the woods that might finish them long before the demon does …

Episode Nine: Enemy Territory by Kittsbud (Airdate: 19th June 2007)

Despite his approaching birthday, Sam refuses to search for a way out of his deal with Haris. Instead, the young hunter insists the Winchesters take a trip to backwoods Nebraska, where not one, but a whole platoon of spirits is said to haunt the streets at night. Is Sam drawn to this place by more than the hunt?

As a past trangression comes back to plague one member of Oxford's community, will it be the guilty who suffer, or will the children pay for their father's sins? With time running out, only Sam realizes the connection, not only to the haunting, but to the truth behind his own gifts.

Some family secrets are to die for...

Episode Ten: Suffocate by Gaelicspirit(Airdate: 26th June 2007)

When John asks the boys to call up a fellow Marine, Sam and Dean find themselves in Ellicott City, Maryland, working what should be a routine spirit vanquish. Dean wants to finish the hunt quickly so that he can return his focus to freeing Sam from his deal with Haris. However, Sam is sitting with the thought that being saved may not be in the cards -- and any attempt to do so could in fact put his brother in more danger. The routine job turns ugly when the boys find out that not all is as it seems: friend turns to foe, ally to enemy.

Protecting the small town from an angry spirit becomes critical when digging graves suddenly turns deadly for Dean, leaving him literally buried in his work. Will Sam find him in time? Or will Dean's desire to save his brother defeat his own instinct to survive?


Episode Eleven: Selling My Soul by irismay42 & Kittsbud(Airdate: 3rd July 2007)

It's Sam's birthday in just hours, but Dean still won't accept that it's all over. Sam, on the other hand, wants one final hunt, one final kill before he's lost to evil forever. What neither brother could possibly expect is that this hunt will take them on a journey that will change their lives forever. If, that is, either brother can survive the deal Sam made with Haris.

The clock is ticking...


Episode Twelve: Valhalla by irismay42 & Kittsbud(Airdate: 31st July 2007)

After Ferinacci's sniper shoots Sam with a poisoned-tipped slug, Dean must make a terrible choice between banishing Haris or saving not only his brother but himself too.

With a new clock ticking, Sam makes Dean vow not to make any more deals, but can Dean stick to his word when he finally comes face to face with Haris one last time?


Episode Thirteen: Extinction by Kittsbud & Tree (Airdate: 7th August 2007)

After the events in Valhalla Sam questions his future hunting, and Dean tries to come to terms with the fact that his brother may return to the life he once had outside the "family business." Events, however, take a bizarre turn when the brothers end up in the small town of Mann's Choice, where natural evolution has taken a strange turn for one particular species...


Episode Fourteen: Harbingers by Thru Terry's Eyes (Airdate: 14th August 2007)

The hunger for power, however small, leads to the ultimate betrayal of father by son, trapping the town of Rapture's Climb in a deal that's a century in the making and two days from completion.

When the Impala breaks down in a broiling heat wave, Sam and Dean are lost and left to wonder if it is destiny or chance that leads them to Rapture's Climb during the final hours that could mean the town's destruction…or theirs

The congregation of Rapture's Climb will do anything to protect their existence from the coming evil, in the form of two lost wayfarers that has been foretold to them by their spiritual leader, Leviticus Cross.


Episode Fifteen:Abyss by Tree (Airdate: 21st August 2007)

For over fifteen years Dean Winchester has hunted nearly every conceivable horror dredged out of the very pits of Hell itself. He’s battled and won, occasionally fought and lost, but rarely if ever let the ongoing war against evil seep to the surface of his well-crafted exterior.

Now after a seemingly ‘nothing’ hunt leaves him injured, he’s forced to deal with the demons that hide in the darkest recesses of his mind. Demons that have no respect for his stalwart ability to mask all the pain and horror he’s seen in his young life. Demons that have always been carefully sequestered behind a callous front of snark and sarcasm. Demons that have now breached the fortified walls and are bent on tearing him apart from the inside… one nightmare at a time!

Episode Sixteen:Dezod by Kittsbud & Tree (Airdate: 11th September 2007)

Dean hasn't slept since the events in Abyss, and Sam knows he is beyond breaking point. To try and save his brother, Sammy takes Dean on a little vacation - a vacation that gets the Winchesters embroiled in dark voodoo, a corrupted deity, and worse still, a storm that is only the begining of "The War" if they can't stop it!

Knee deep in murder and black magic, the brothers must fight not only rogue alligators and voodoo spells, but the very elements themselves.

Take a trip to the bayou with the Winchesters...if you dare!

Episode Seventeen:Forget Me Not by irismay42 (Airdate: 18th September 2007)

Whilst investigating the brutal "locked room murder" of an unremarkable middle-aged couple in Phoenix, Arizona, Dean is attacked by an unknown force, leaving him unable to remember any of the details of his life. As he slowly begins to recover memories he didn't know he had, Sam begins to wonder whether there is something Dean doesn't realize he knows that Haris would rather he forget...


Episode Eighteen:Unseen Heroes by Gaelicspirit (Airdate: 25th September 2007)

They just want a meal, a beer, and a conversation. Instead, they get a panicked would-be writer who swears that he just saw a man turn into a wolf. Knowing that they are the only ones that can handle this particular issue, Dean and Sam gear up to hunt what they think could only be a werewolf. Their hunt leads them into the mystical lore of Navajo Skin Walkers where the truth they thought they could count on is turned sideways. When Sam is bitten, Dean is left dealing with not only a race against time to save his brother from either a very hairy future or certain death, but also a ghoulish companion that only he can see and hear.

The brothers soon discover that taking out this enemy will prove to be one of their most challenging endeavors, and that the anonymity that comes with hunting evil is both a blessing... and a curse.

Episode Nineteen:Last Call by Kittsbud & Thru Terry's Eyes (Airdate: 2nd October 2007)

When Bobby finds the brothers a new case, Dean is more than happy to learn it's in Las Vegas. The elder Winchester soon changes his tune, however, when he discovers just who might be doing the haunting!

Are the hunters really after a legend, or is there something more sinister at work - something that is far from as amusing as it first appears...


Episode Twenty:Unfinished by irismay42 & Thru Terry's Eyes (Airdate: 23rd October 2007)

A mysterious death in an Ohio school the Winchesters attended fifteen years previously brings back difficult memories of a hunt gone wrong, a mission not completed and a spirit never laid to rest. Can Sam and Dean rectify an earlier mistake and vanquish the entity still haunting the school library? Or will the body count continue to rise while the hunt remains unfinished?


Episode Twenty-One:Sacrifices by Tree(Airdate: 30th October 2007)

There’s always been something lingering in the darkness; glowing eyes, a mysterious shadow, a whisper on the wind. But this time, what haunts the Winchester’s footsteps is neither demonic nor dead.

Made of flesh and bone, but no less out to get them, the hunters that once fought the common enemies of evil are convinced that Sam and Dean are the now the same threat.

Determined to spill Winchester blood, they’ll stop at nothing to bring the brothers down, even if it means collateral damage to friends and family.

But the hunters don’t know Sam and Dean or the connection between two brothers and just how far one will go to sacrifice everything to save the family he loves.

Episode Twenty-Two:Dance With The Devil by Kittsbud & Tree (Airdate: 6th November 2007)

Raised as warriors, childhoods forsaken, Sam and Dean Winchester have never known anything but a life filled with fighting evil, fighting to survive. Despite the loss, despite the hardship, and strengthened by the bond of brotherhood, they’ve persevered.

Just when it seems that victory might be within their grasp, even though it comes with at a terrific sacrifice, has the enemy only been waiting in the shadows? Waiting for the exact moment to strike when the Winchester’s were most vulnerable?

Now, in a race against time, John must try to save one son from the demon that’s pursued him his entire life, while his other son slowly succumbs to the cruel twist that fate has dealt them.

As the final showdown assembles all the players, will the Winchesters manage to defeat their lifelong adversary or has a new evil surfaced? A force even more powerful than the nemesis that has harried them for the past two decades, this new enemy will stop at nothing to destroy not only a family of hunters but all of humanity.


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Christmas Selection Season Two


Airdate 24th Dec 2007: Bumbles Are Supposed to Bounce by Bayre

Sam and Dean find themselves in a cemetery on Christmas Eve, fighting some of the season's most famous characters after they become enchanted. Can they win the day? And will Sam actually stay 'unstuck' until they make it back to the motel? Find out as we take a ride with the Winchesters to discover if Bumbles really do bounce...


Airdate 25th Dec 2007: Midnight Clear by Gaelicspirit

When Dean and Sam encounter a coma-inducing witch it could be the answer to Sam's prayers...or the death of his brother this lonely yuletide season...

Just who or what is Boz, and can she fix the unfixable?


Airdate 26th Dec 2007: All I Want For Christmas by irismay42

Sometimes the one thing you want for Christmas is the one thing you can't have...

Take a trip down memory lane with the Winchesters and discover just what it was like to have a festive season Sam and Dean style...


Airdate 27th Dec 2007: It's The Little Things by Kittsbud

Sam has wanted this gig from being a little kid, but when both brothers find themselves trapped, will Sammy regret pushing Dean into a hunt he never wanted on Christmas Eve?

Told from Dean's POV!


Airdate 28th Dec 2007: So This Is Christmas by SnSam

It's 2004 and Sam is spending his Christmas Eve at Stanford with Jess, but somehow, like every year lately, there's something missing...


Airdate 29th Dec 2007: I'll Be Home For Christmas by Tree66

When John doesn't keep his Christmas promise, young Dean and Sam go on an unusual hunt - to find their father.

With the Winchester family, though, there is no such thing as a simple missing person's case...


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