'Supernatural' Virtual Season Three Index


Episode One: Ashes to Ashes by Kittsbud & Tree (Airdate: 26th Feb 2008)

Sam and Dean have given their all for family, for the forces of good - for mankind. Now it's finally time for the battling brothers to rest in peace. Their ultimate legacy a safer, better world.

Or is it..?

Can the Winchesters really be gone, and if so who will save us from the nightmare that lurks in the shadows? An evil so old, so malevolent even God could not destroy it...


Episode Two: Dark Territory by Kittsbud & Tree (Airdate: 4th March 2008)

In the darkness, in the shadows - in all the places we fear to look - the war to save mankind has already begun.

Determined to meet this battle head-on, Sam and Dean have picked up the fight once more. But, facing an adversary more powerful than any they've ever met, forces the brothers to trust an alliance with that which they usually hunt.

As the odds mount, the brothers risk everything, venturing into the darkest territory of the supernatural to save an ally that may hold the key to the ultimate battle of good and evil.



Episode Three: Hole In The World by irismay42(Airdate: 11th March 2008)

Sam and Dean are drawn to a small Massachusetts town rumored to be home to the Eighth Gateway to Hell when it begins to experience an alarming rise in violent incidents, suicides and sudden-onset schizophrenia.

Things take an Apocalyptic turn when the local river inexplicably begins to run with blood.

Can the End of Days be upon us?



Episode Four: Devil Inside by Gaelicspirit & Sojourner (Airdate: 1st April 2008)

Boston Strangler Copy Cat Killer Claims 5th Victim

Recovering from the events in Leicester, Massachusetts, Dean and Sam uncover what appears at first blush to be the work of serial killers from the past. In Boston, the Strangler seems to have resurfaced, assaulting women and claiming lives. New York and Chicago have both been victims to the brutality of the deadly infamous. While authorities say the deaths are the work of copy cat killers, the brothers soon find reason to suspect something darker behind it all. As they struggle to unravel the series of mysterious deaths, each falls victim to the twisted minds of these killers, fighting not only to save lives, but to survive.

And what they learn is that there is no hiding from the devil inside...

Episode Five: Between Two Fires by Kittsbud & Tree(Airdate: 8th April 2008)

Sam and Dean have fought demons all their lives - and in that fight, one thing has remained constant - if a person is possessed, they can be exorcized...

...until now.

When the Winchesters learn of a gruseome murder in a small Oklahoma town, they have to decide if it's their kind of gig. Soon, though, they discover that the demon they're tailing is like nothing they've ever encountered before, and it doesn't like its murderous fun interupting...

Episode Six: Have No Fear by SnSam (Airdate: 15th April 2008)

A missing persons case in Vermont seems easy enough until the Winchesters see a pattern that happens nearly every twenty-five years--five people go missing and are never seen again.

Now Sam Winchester has become one of those people...

As Dean races against the clock to find his brother, Sam is forced to face his greatest fear. Will Dean find him in time or will Sam become another statistic?

Episode Seven: Love Bites by SnSam & Tree (Airdate: 22nd April 2008)

The road; the hunt; each other. For most of their adult lives, those were the things Sam and Dean Winchester considered the basic necessities. The routine of moving from place to place, taking on one job after another, saving people and hunting the supernatural had become as familiar as the gleaming, black Chevy that transported them across the country.

Except now, one hunt, one case of demon possession has changed all that.

Feeling obligated to protect Mia from the unknown evil that still seems intent on using her for whatever insidious purpose, yet unwilling to place her at any further risk, the brothers have been avoiding any hint of a dangerous hunt in favor of “simpler’ jobs.

So when the call comes to assist a friend on what appears to be a vermin problem down in west Texas, it seems like the perfect time to help refocus on work instead of “other distractions”.
But as one of the brother’s will soon learn, not every danger comes from a hunt… and not every painful wound…bleeds.

Episode Eight: Under My Skin by SnSam (Airdate: 13th May 2008)


Seems like the perfect way to relax, right? And let's face it, the Winchester brothers could use a little relaxation.

Dean's wanting to try to forget about leaving Mia behind with Joe and Sam thinks he's found the perfect way to do just that. Models are being gruesomely murdered in their sleep and the police are quick to pin it on a serial killer. But they don't know what truly lurks in the dark...

Sam and Dean are desperate to put an end to the murderous rampage and find out beauty truly is only skin deep.

Episode Nine: The Great Gig In The Sky by Sojourner (Airdate: 20th May 2008)

Not all things that go bump in the night are under your bed…

When Northern California is ravaged by unexplainable and almost unnatural storm phenomenon, the Winchesters are drawn to Butte County to make sure there’s nothing supernatural about these violent displays of nature’s wrath.

As skies blacken with another brewing storm, the brothers discover that the explanation not only lies within their areas of expertise, but within the tumultuous squalls of their past.

Episode Ten: Distant Voices by Kittsbud (Airdate: 10th June 2008)

When Mia is forced back onto the brothers by an unexpected turn of events, tensions run high and tempers flare.

To add to the Winchester unease, the Impala has the tenacity to break down in a tiny desert town were nothing is quite what it seems.

Is the mechanic the gang stay with really just a local yokel?

When a major league demon plays its hand, and Sammy goes missing, its time for Dean to figure out just who in Cibola he can really trust before its too late...

Episode Eleven: The Darkest Half by irismay42 & Tree (Airdate: 17th June 2008)

Sam and Dean head to Texas, where two dead teenagers lead Mia to believe a former foe may have resurfaced. But as another hunt goes bad, Sam begins to suspect their real enemy may be closer than they could have imagined...




Episode Twelve: Retribution by irismay42 & Tree (Airdate: 15th July 2008)

Lies, half-truths, and secrets... the Winchester brothers have fallen prey to a woman that was more than she appeared, thanks in part to their father's misguided intentions.

Now with Sam seriously injured and Dean held captive by the half-demon Mia, John must find a way to rectify a past mistake that has returned to haunt him. Can he atone for his inadvertent transgression or will his own stubborn secrecy costs him the lives of his sons?



Episode Thirteen: Nine Lives by Kittsbud(Airdate: 22nd July 2008)

When the Winchesters investigate a curse, they discover its origins buried far back in history.

Could one simple artifact have caused countless deaths, including the most famous maritime disaster of all time?

With nothing as it truly seems, and death around every corner, will both brothers live to find out what really happened on April 14th, 1912?



Episode Fourteen: Hell Is For Children by SnSam (Airdate: 29th July 2008)

Innocence comes at a deadly cost…

Sam and Dean Winchester head to Culpeper, Virginia to investigate a haunting at a juvenile detention center. It seems that a spirit of a boy is seen right before a person turns up dead. The brothers think it’s just an easy case—get in, vanquish the spirit, call it a day.

But when is anything ever easy for the Winchesters?

As they dig deeper into the center’s history, they realize there’s something much more sinister within the walls. Can they figure out what’s going on before they end up as the next unfortunate victims? Or will the secrets stay hidden forever…


Episode Fifteen: All The King's Men by Tree (Airdate: 5th August 2008)

He never knew its origins… he never really cared before. It was always just some strange looking necklace that his father had told him… ordered him… to wear and “never take off.” He’d obeyed that command for the most part, faltering only twice; once losing it in the swamps of Louisiana and the second time when he’d voluntarily given it up to save his brother. In both instances, it nearly cost him his life.

Over time, Dean has learned that his amulet had secrets of its own contained within the innocuous golden face. He knew that it was born of King Solomon’s demon-killing sword, showing a fraction of its former power by the way it repelled demons. It had protected him from succumbing fully to possession, a handy piece of supernatural Kevlar. Haris had tried to take it from him… and failed. It seemed to guard him as much as he was the Guardian of it.

But now, Dean finds that there’s more to the story of the amulet and the potential threat it poses to mankind. A dark force is rising, intent on restoring the great king’s sword for evil purposes of its own. Determined to collect all the pieces, it will stop at nothing to obtain them. And not Guardians, hunters or the power of the amulet will stand in its way.

Episode Sixteen:One Way Ticket by irismay42 & Kittsbud(Airdate: 26th August 2008)

After a spate of satanic murders mimic crimes commited by a killer long since executed, Sam and Dean find themselves on Amtrak 66 with only hours to stop a supernatural killer from striking again.

With every passenger a suspect, will the Winchesters live to cross the infamous Hell Gate Bridge?

And if they do, what evil awaits them there...


Episode Seventeen:Work of Art by Tree (Airdate: 2nd September 2008)

Insanity or demon possession? Brutal crimes or supernatural occurrences?

Sam and Dean go to investigate a string of seemingly unrelated violent crimes near the University of Washington campus in Seattle. Seemingly normal, intelligent and promising students have been connected to vicious robberies, unprovoked brutalities and even murders.

While Dean thinks that these are nothing more than a handful of students that each had their own “issues”, Sam’s gut is telling him there’s more to it than just stressed out undergrads. But as the attacks continue to occur, there definitely seems to be more to the case than just the motiveless, wanton acts of random people.
Could it be a demon? One bent on wrecking as much havoc as possible while it’s possessing its helpless, human host? Or is it something else?

Something more insidious…

Something much darker…



Episode Eighteen: Caught in the Riddle by irismay42 (Airdate: 9th September 2008)

When John falls into an inexplicable coma, the doctors are baffled and all Dean wants to do is kill the thing that put him there. But finding the culprit proves difficult, leading Dean to remember another time seventeen years earlier, when his dad fell victim to the thing he was hunting and his boys found themselves in the care of the woman who may have been responsible…




Episode Nineteen: Behold a Pale Horse by Tree (Airdate: 10th February 2009)

What is faith?

For Sam Winchester, faith is that underlying belief that there has to be some sort of meaning to life, some purpose, some greater power in control with a master plan for humanity. He has to believe that. Considering everything that has happened to his family, its his only hope that someday, everything they've been through will have meant something.

For his brother, Dean, faith is the cold hard steel of the .45 in his hand, the dependability of his brother at his back, and the knowledge that no matter how many evil things they kill, more will come to fill in the void. He's known nothing but hunting for the better portion of his life and in his opinion, if good exists, its taking a back seat to all the demons and ghosts and creatures that prowl the earth.

So when a friend calls with a cryptic cry for help, the brothers have no idea what they're in for when they reach the tiny town of Paw Paw. Plagues of Biblical proportions are occuring in the little community and the residents are dropping like flies.

Is it really the end of the world? Is there any hope for salvation? And will either brother's idea of 'faith' be able to save them when Armageddon starts?




Episode Twenty: No Excuses by SnSam (Airdate: 17th February 2009)


When a series of murder/suicides plagues a tri-state area, Sam and Dean Winchester head towards Oklahoma, where most of the crimes have occurred. At first, Dean’s ready to chalk it up to humans going nuts and ganking each other, but Sam’s not too sure, especially when the suspects are being described as good law-abiding citizens. He convinces Dean that there’s more to the story and pretty soon the brothers realize that they’re dealing with a psychotic spirit.

But not just any spirit—it’s the spirit of a condemned serial killer who died six months ago.

Soon a grim picture is painted—the killer isn’t quite ready to stop his deadly game and he’s using extreme measures to ensure his macabre legacy lives on. The brothers are desperate to bring a stop to the murders, especially when a teenage girl gets caught in the middle.

Will they be able to bring a halt to the deaths before one of the Winchesters has to pay with his life?




Episode Twenty-One: Heaven and Earth by irismay42 (Airdate: 24th February 2009)

Strange things are afoot in California: the ocean is boiling, the earth is quaking, and near Mount Diablo a young archaeologist discovers remains that may prove the existence of Biblical creatures not seen on Earth for two millennia.

When earthquakes tear open the mountain and a Gateway is revealed, Sam and Dean must risk their lives—and those of a few old friends—to hold back the darkness struggling to escape from Hell...




Episode Twenty-Two: The Art of Dying by Kittsbud & Tree (Airdate: 2nd March 2009)

Someone is killing hunters, and when John goes missing, it's up to Dean and Sam to find their dad and stop the line of murders before its too late.

The problem is, are they chasing a human foe, or an old adversary with a new trick up his sleeve?

This Halloween, the Winchesters will realize that home maybe where the heart is, but it may also be the key to the destruction of mankind...




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