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Episode One: Refraction by irismay 42 (Airdate: 27th Oct 2009)

Trapped in Stull’s mysterious church, cut off from each other and surrounded on all sides by Lucifer’s demon army, Sam, Dean and John Winchester find themselves dragged into lives they never lived, meeting people they never met and facing situations they never faced. Can they find each other in time to find their way home?






Episode Two: Time Won't Let Me Go by SnSam (Airdate: 3rd Nov 2009)

A watch that can turn back time?

It seems a little too good to be true.

One of the Winchesters is missing in action and all efforts to find him have so far been exhausted. When one of them catches wind of the watch, they leave Lawrence and head towards Georgia where a man swears he was able to go back in time using it. They are hesitant about the authenticity of the timepiece, especially when death seems to follow it everywhere it goes.

When it falls into their hands, they can’t help but be intrigued to use it. But when they get some discouraging news about it, how far will one Winchester go to get his loved one back?

Will the price be too high to pay?

And will it be too late to turn back around?



Episode Three: Tastes Like Chicken by Tree66(Airdate: 24th Nov 2009)

“Saving people and hunting things” has taken the Winchester brothers cross-country several times in their young lives. They’ve travelled the barren, back roads, passed through some of the most remote back water towns and stayed in motels that even Norman Bates would have passed by. Very little fazes these stalwart hunters of the paranormal; not vengeful spirits, not blood-sucking vampires, not even the darkest demons that Hell can offer.

So, what could there possibly be to worry about in the sleepy little town of Mingo? Tucked peacefully away in the secluded coal country of West Virginia, work down in the dark mines is brutally hard, but life is relatively simple. The folks of Mingo tend to keep to themselves, content to let the rest of the world go on at its own hectic pace.

But when Dean and Sam stop for a quick bite at the local diner, they learn that this quiet little village suddenly isn’t all it appears to be. And assing through the backwoods community will quickly turn into a nightmare that one of the boys will have a hard time escaping.



Episode Four: Traces of Red by Kittsbud (Airdate: 2nd Dec 2009)

After a young girl is killed during a hunt, Sam blames himself for her death.

When Sam vanishes just a few short weeks later, it's up to Dean to figure out if his brother has been kidnapped, or has simply become tired of the hunter's life.

Just who is the mysterious stranger imprisoned in Manoir Rouge? What is the strange lifeforce that inhabits the house and endangers all who dare to enter inside it?

Perhaps only the Winchesters have the knowledge to end the nightmare...

Or do they have a new ally who can help save, or destroy the day..?




Episode Five: Blood At The Root by calUK (Airdate: 9th Dec 2009)

In the Deep South, five victims have disappeared from their beds only to be found brutally murdered. The police are blaming it on the work of a sadistic serial killer, but the Winchesters think they know better.

Distracted by worry for their missing father, angry with each other after their last hunt, for a vicious poltergeist that nearly went disastrously sideways, the brothers are struggling to find their feet again.

The only problem is, what they believe to be a simple vengeful spirit is something far older, and far darker than either of them could have imagined.

When it starts gunning for one of them, can Sam and Dean set aside their differences long enough to figure out a hunt that seems to be getting more fatally complicated by the day?

Or is Damascus, Alabama the end of the road for the Winchesters?





Episode Six: A Very Supernatural Toy Story by JennyF (Airdate: 16th Dec 2009)

Christmas. A time for giving and receiving and a time for children. But some children are receiving more than was intended.

Taking a break from the ardors of life on the road, Sam and Dean find themselves in small town America just as the festive season is reaching its climax. Coincidentally, Sam discovers one of his business idols from his Stanford days has set up business in town and is on the verge of bankruptcy.

With nothing else to do, and out of curiosity, Sam persuades Dean to accompany him on a visit to Westland’s Toy Shop. What they find is a shop full of disconsolate children and relieved parents.

With tales of toys coming to life at night, wreaking havoc and mayhem, the Winchesters realize there’s more going on than bad management. The question is, will they be able to find out what’s behind it all before someone gets seriously hurt?




Episode Seven: Detroit Spirit by Kittsbud(Airdate: 2nd Feb 2010)

Not all paranormal entities look like us...

Dean and Sam Winchester have been through a lot, seen a lot, but nothing has prepared them for what they find in the home of the once great American motor industry.

Something has stirred, something so monumental it could mean the end of mankind and beyond.

In Oakland County, two plant robotics workers are attacked, one horrifucally killed - by a seemingly invisible killer. Is this gruseome act really the doing of a disheatened Detroit worker's spirit?

The Winchesters spend a night on the town finding out - but this is no kind of party you'd like an ivite to - unless you're from the darkside...



Episode Eight: Family Album by irismay42 (Airdate: 9th Feb 2010)


When Sam and Dean receive a call for help from an old friend of their father's, old secrets are revealed, old memories resurrected, and
barely-healed wounds reopened.

But coming to terms with the past is not an option for the Winchesters, as an enchanted photograph album documenting the story of their lives turns history into reality, and Sam and Dean must stop a deadly enemy from destroying them both before they're old enough to know how to protect themselves from the things out there in the dark...



Episode Nine: Reflection by irismay42 (Airdate: 27th April 2010)

March 19th 2010. With only hours to go until the Stull Gateway reopens,
finally providing Sam and Dean with the chance to save their father from
his alternate reality nightmare, the brothers receive word that several of their friends have been taken prisoner by the enemy. Demons surround them, and there's no way the Winchesters can save them all as well as their father before Spring Equinox arrives.

With John's life on the line, his sons must make a terrible choice and trust a hated enemy.

When midnight comes, will all three Winchesters make the journey home?




Episode Ten: Dark Side of the Sun by Kittsbud(Airdate: 4th May 2010)

When Kyle Williams approaches the Winchesters for help for a fellow priest, how can they refuse their old friend?

But just what secret does the small Mexican town of Ciudad Del Maldecido hide? With skinned bodies piling, and Dean getting visitations from a bizarre stranger, can the boys figure it all out in time?

Or will a side of Mexico they could never image existed be their final resting place..?



Episode Eleven: Crocodile Tears by calUK(Airdate: 11th May 2010)

Something has been taking people from a Wisconsin marsh. Still struggling to come to terms with the revelations of Mexico, Sam and Dean head north hoping for a simple hunt.

But nothing is quite what it seems and when one of the Winchesters is the next victim, his brother is left wondering just how far he'll go to get his family back.




Episode Twelve: Ut Victor Vado Spoilum by JennyF(Airdate: 31st Aug 2010)

Antiques and history. It's a far cry from what the boys are used to dealing with, but when Sarah calls Sam for help, it's not long before they find themselves in the midst of a murder enquiry with a difference.

Unable to find any clues the police have given up, written it off as a family dispute, but Sam and Dean soon discover that maybe all roads do lead to Rome after all.

And when a Roman centurion fights hard for the spoils of war, he's not going to give them up without a fight - despite being dead for centuries.




Episode Thirteen: No Second Chances by Kittsbud(Airdate: 10th Sept 2010)

When an old friend of John's contacts the boys about a job in England, it seems just too bizarre to be true.

When is a ghost not a ghost at all?

The Winchesters travel to Wiltshire to find out, but get more than they bargained for when one of them vanishes while investigating an old air museum.

Is the museum owner really as sinister as he sometimes acts? Does the local pub's satanic name have any significance? Is the burial mound at the end of the museum runway just an ancient barrow, or is something more sinister going on in the heart of the British countryside...

...something that could bend the very fabric of the Universe - and only the Winchesters can stop it.





Episode Fourteen:Stranger Within by irismay42 (Airdate: 17th Sept 2010)

Whilst in Oklahoma investigating the apparent suicide of several nuns at a rural convent, Sam becomes increasingly concerned by Deans odd behavior. Nervous on holy ground, burnt by holy water, and unable to cross a salt line, Sam gradually comes to suspect his brother is possessed.

But is everything as it seems?

With all three Winchesters' lives at stake, can a cat and mouse chase across the US reveal the truth and save the boys and their father?





Episode Fifteen: Between The Lines by JennyF (Airdate: 14th Dec 2010)

Dean always said books would be the death of him but he never realized how right he might be. An innocent night out turns sinister when Sam disappears, leading the Winchesters into a world of delusion and obsession. Determined to get Sam back, Dean discovers there’s more to the power of the written word than he could have ever imagined and Sam seems to be at the center of it all. But while Dean is fighting to get Sam back, Sam finds himself fighting someone he thought the brothers had seen the last of.




Episode Sixteen: The End of All Things by irismay42 (Airdate: 21st Dec 2010)

Is this the end of the world as we know it? Sam and Dean Winchester have fought side by side their entire lives. So when a different call to arms summons them in opposite directions, they find themselves miles apart at the very moment they most need to stand united. As Lucifer's dire scheme to conquor the universe-every universe-is finally revealed, Sam and Dean must face their destines, their fate, and the possibility that they might lose everything:home, family, friends, their lives. And each other. When the final battle commences on Kansas' killing fields, Sam and Dean Winchester are all that stands between Heaven, Hell and The End of All Things.



The Virtual Season Christmas selection is here!


'Holiday Spirits' by Tree

'While The Yule Log Burns' by JennyF

'Christmas Run' by irismay42

'Dream Weaver' by SnSam

'Stars For Your Shoes' by calUK




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