'Twas the Night Before Christmas - Winchester Style

By Tree


'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the black car
Sam was driving, Dean was snoring, the trip had been far
Their life on the road has been never-ending
So to Bobby's for Christmas, the boys would be spending

The weapons were stored in the trunk now unneeded
Since the recent hunt's over, a ghoul's life conceded
So off to relax now, no spirits to kill
No visions, no battles, no wounds to be healed

When out in the headlights, a figure appeared
Sam startled in fright, the Impala - it veered
Dean rose from the seat, his eyes wide and glaring
No wrecking his car, Sam ass, he's not sparing

The moon in the sky cast down its soft glow
Lighting up the dark night and all objects below
When what to Sam's wondering eyes should appear
But a vampire, with fangs, coming so near

With a werewolf beside him, the eyes all aglowing
And sharp fangs all of its own that were showing
And behind the two creatures, a wendigo showed too
Its skin so transparent, you could almost see through

Then off to the left there arose a great sound
Of a sharp hook on metal, it seemed all around
And completing the scene was the strangest of all
A woman in white toting a ragged old doll

Without much a word, the boys sprang in to motion
Their reflexes tight in response to commotion
To the trunk they both headed, a plan in the working
Suddenly worried what else could be out there lurking

With shotguns and rocksalt, silver bullets and knives
Surrounded, outnumbered, the fight of their lives
Dean shouted to Sam "Just start shooting, don't stop"
As the werewolf sprang on to the car's shiny top

Its claws scratching metal, like a child's frantic itch
"Get off of my car - you big hairy bitch!"
Dean fired the shotgun, its report loud and clear
Sam swung his machete as the vampire neared

The wendigo, it snarled, joining the fray
While the boys fought on desperate to keep it at bay
The Hookman and woman stood back from the fight
Waiting their turn to wreak havoc that night

And then it appeared, just off in the distance
But the boys were too busy to give it a glance
A driver inside a black truck, weapons ready
To help out the boys with nerves that were steady

So up to the car he drove in a flash
Threw open his door and stepped in to the clash
He spoke not a word, but nodded "hello"
His intent to help send these bad creatures below

And the boys felt relief at the sudden arrival
With their dad's help, now a good chance for survival
No time for the question - 'Dad, why are you here?'
That could come later over a round of cold beer

So they fought on together, killing each one by one
Despite being outnumbered, it was kinda fun
To be hunting with Dad, not seen in a while
Brought to each boy's heart a warm sort of smile

Till at last it was over, no creature left living
Exhausted, hard breathing, their all they'd been giving
Covered in blood, they sank to the ground
Silently praying that nothing else was around

Their dad merely smiled then turned on his heel
To the truck he returned, not a word on the deal
He was gone just as quick, not a sign of him there
Why didn't he stay? Did he simply not care?

Dean strode to the car, tossing guns in the rear
Sam followed behind, collecting more gear.
They returned to the front seat and sat very silent
Unsure why the night had become so damn violent

Dean looked at Sam and Sam looked at Dean
"It's just our bad luck - you know what I mean?"
"Tonight of all nights - not a moment of rest!'
Sam laughed and replied, "Some strange cosmic test?'

"And Dad, where'd he come from, how did he know?"
"He's always watched over us, it just doesn't show"
"But it's Christmas, he's gone, he should've remained"
"The demon, as always, he won't rest till it's slain"

They still had each other and more miles to drive
And thankfully - one more Christmas survived
As they drove on to Bobby's , no more creatures in sight
Dean silently whispered -"Merry Christmas, Dad --
and thanks for tonight!"


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